About Us

Get to know us up close.

This sensational record label is making an impact from Detroit, Michigan, to the world.

Gogitta Entertainment started seven years ago with the hope of becoming a trusted record label for new artists to begin their journey in the vast music industry. These years have allowed us to experience how wonderful it is to know new talents, support them and encourage them to go big in everything they do.

Thanks to our efforts and honest work, we have grown, and today we have a large number of excellent upcoming artists, and we have seen each of them grow and achieve positive changes in their careers.

This is how we do it.

Our music and entertainment business is based on trust and optimism for the results we want to achieve. We work alongside each new member of our team to analyze their opportunities and empower them through our creative events, exposure to their art on our online music streaming platform, and audiovisual creations that represent the essence of each one of them.

Creating new musical journeys for rising artists

Everything we do, we do it thinking that the development of each talent who comes to us is our development. We create the conditions for the work of our integrators to be appreciated from the inside out until they become recognized as top artists backed up by a global music entertainment business.

From hip hop new talents to emerging r&b artists, we aim to appreciate your work in the way you deserve as partners in this dream called music. If you are ready to achieve your musical journey, you can contact us by filling out a quick form or emailing us with your material. 

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We are ready to start making a change in your career, are you?