The Power of Music to Change Lives

Music is something you can’t see, you can’t touch, but you can surely feel it when you listen to it. The power of music is that it is an art that sweetens your senses, your life, and your soul through its melodies.

When we talk about music, we are not just talking about something simple; music is actually an essential part of our lives. In fact, music has almost a poetic influence on humans to the point of marking their lives positively.

In Gogitta Entertainment, we believe in the power of music to change lives. It has changed ours as one of many record labels working daily to encourage emerging artists to follow their dreams.
Music has positively changed thousands of lives, from musicians, producers, singers, and everyone who enjoys this art.


Music in Our Society

Besides influencing entire civilizations, music also affects individual emotions and actions. Let’s put an example: when you listen to your favorite song, and those sounds travel all the way from your ears to your brain, it triggers pleasure centers that release dopamine, the neuromodulatory molecule that makes you feel happy.

Another example of what music can do to our emotions is when you relate a specific song or sound to a moment, situation, or particular person that has passed away. Besides making your brain go through valuable memories, it also represents a form of keeping communication and remembering that person.

In the music industry, we are testimonies of the positive changes music has had in many people’s lives, not only as a way to escape from our society’s situation but also as a way to walk away from violence and concentrate on creating music.

In Gogitta Entertainment, we believe there is something magical about music that can help people come out from a very dark place in their lives because we’ve seen it, and we want to continue encouraging more people to do it.


Celebrities That Had a Positive Change Thanks to Music

From our experience, music is a means of growth as a musician and human being. Thanks to how the world, the media, and social networks work today, we can document the lives of famous people who had been through unfortunate situations, but most importantly, their testimonies on how music marked their lives positively.

One example of change is the American rapper Lil Durk, who constantly uses music to tell his story about how he escaped from a violent environment to follow his dreams in music. Kendrick Lamar is another example of a famous rapper who puts a lot of heart and emotion into his songs’ lyrics. The album “good kid, m.A.A.d city” represents a sequence about how cold and brutal the streets can be. When you listen to songs like “Money Trees,” you can easily capture the message Kendrick sends to the public: the social context of gangs is devastating, and violence can take away a lot from you and your family. Also connected to a life-changing experience, we can’t avoid mentioning Rihanna. This Barbadian singer started from the bottom and, throughout her career, has had to fight to become what she is today, regardless of being a survivor of domestic violence.

Music Is the Answer

We can’t be thankful enough for what music does for the lives of thousands of people dedicated to music production, songwriting, or any profession related to music.
The power of music is undeniable; that’s why we, as Gogitta Entertainment, take a serious commitment to creating more safe spaces to transform the lives of the artists that trust in us for good.

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