How to Make It in the Music Industry

For everything in life, there is a “moment zero” where dreams and passions are created. For music artists, the moment zero starts exactly when the idea of making it in the music industry sows into their minds.

While dreams and passions are the engines that keep people motivated toward their musical goals, the reality is that there are always obstacles, patches, and challenging situations on the way.

New music artists must be willing to make fair sacrifices if they want to be successful in this industry; otherwise, they will be disappointed, which can discourage them in the process.

Within the music industry, it is no news that this is a lifestyle that requires enormous strength and determination to carry out, and although it is a long road, in the end, the results can be satisfactory.

From our experience, guidance is very much needed when an artist decides to immerse in this world. Without the help of a mentor or a record label genuinely committed to an artist’s growth, the road can be long, and it can be easy to get lost in the distractions that come the way.

At  Gogitta Entertainment, our mission is to partner and empower diverse and talented artists  with a desire to break through in the music industry.

We firmly believe that many talents need support and guidance to grow as musical artists and show the changes they can bring.

In this space for music, we want to address some basics that every artist should know to take the right career paths to make it in the music industry.

The Wakeup Call From Music

Although it may seem too obvious, diving into why you want to be a musician never hurts. Why? Simply because before taking any further steps in your career path, you will have to be entirely sure that every decision along the way will take you exactly where you have to be.

An important part that many artists ignore in their journey is the call that music makes to them. 

The reality is that when you’re destined to dedicate yourself to music, the signs appear alone; you just have to learn to listen and work on it. An example is the story of Kendrick Lamar, who felt called to get away from the violence in the streets to dedicate himself to music. Today Kendrick is a prominent American rapper who has earned the industry’s respect.

A good mindset wake-up call can help you build a career, and we say this because we know that music has the power to transform lives for the better.

Know the Music Industry Structure

To make it in this industry, it is indispensable to understand its structure and its dynamics. The music industry is quite diverse, with different areas of focus. The set of these areas is what makes up the entire modern music industry.

The music business generally is based on creating, promoting, and distributing musical intellectual properties.

In an analysis by OpenMind BBVA, we could summarize the structure of the current industry in 3 parts:

The Recording Industry

Based on the recording and distribution processes of musical compositions.

The Music Licensing Industry

It is primarily the arrangements with other businesses related to the industry and is also the party that handles the procedures required for licensing compositions.

The Live Music

As its name says, it is about music production and live entertainment promotion, including festivals, concerts, and tours.

In general, a good introduction to the industry structure guides you to where and with what type of people you should make up your team.

The Process of Making Music

Of course, we could not avoid mentioning the essential part of making it in the music industry: the music creation process.


Before you put your music in motion, you should record it, but don’t think that process is limited to just traditional practices.

Today, technology has allowed things to be done in a different way in which the digital world can be in our favor.

Do you want to know more about how you can ally with a good record label for new artists? Contact us, and we will gladly accompany you in your process.


The process of releasing music material is the step that every musician must take with the utmost patience and attention to detail.

The release of music material must be thoroughly planned with a strategy that increases the public’s expectations. Launching a record production without planning can be a huge waste of time, money, and effort.

As experts in this field, we advise you to take advantage of the digital platforms that are now tools that can contribute to making musical material go viral quickly.

Making It in the Industry

From our perspective, we know that each process involves time, sacrifice, and effort. Starting in the world of music is an undertaking, which is why setting realistic goals from the beginning is so important.

You have to think that making it in this industry is not strictly related to money and fame, but there has to be something that motivates you to take this for what it is: a life project.

In this business, we encounter new challenges that can move our foundations daily.

You must be clear that before achieving success (defined from your own perspective), you will have to sacrifice nights of entertainment, time with loved ones, and even time for hobbies, but, of course, you always have to make a balance that gives you the energy to continue.

There is no such thing as a secret or an easy recipe to make it in the industry that will give you what you want overnight.

We insist that patience is key to achieving any goal in the music business because things have to evolve little by little.

Also, we emphasize that all emerging artists must be willing to make sacrifices and have confidence that this, together with constant work, will bear fruit.

And last but not least, faith in your work and your team will lead you to the opportunities you need.

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