Origin and evolution of R&B music

R&B Music

A brief journey through the history of R&B music

Rhythm & Blues or R&B music is a genre that has taken significant steps in the music industry over the past years, and we believe that its input to the worldwide scene is something we should acknowledge. We want to take the time to talk about its origin, evolution, and how artists and music entertainment companies can make it grow even more.

Origin and evolution of this music genre

Like many other music genres, R&B music combines different sounds like jazz, blues music, and some gospel melodies that make this genre so vast and musically harmonic. Its origin radicates in the 1940s, and it started as experimentation and development by Black Americans, leaving a legacy to take the most beautiful from this music scene until this day.

Back in the 1940s, this type of music was notable at first in US urban areas in Chicago, New York, and Detroit, from where Gogitta Entertainment also started, which makes us incredibly proud of being part of the contemporary development R&B music.

From the 1950s to the 1970s, Rhythm and Blues expanded due to the addition of funk, soul, and other African-American music styles. During this period, the lyrics also became a form of social expression.

For the past years, R&B musicians and R&B record labels have evolved and experienced a combination of contemporary sounds like synthesizers, bass, and electric guitar that have changed the genre. 

Significant steps for the R&B music industry

With the exponential growth of the different genres, spaces dedicated to recognizing the efforts of music professionals for outstanding achievements in the music industry did not take long to appear.

On May 4, 1959, took space the first annual Grammy Awards, where The Champs won the first R&B performance award for their song “Tequila”, opening the doors of possibilities for other R&B artists.

In a more contemporary step for the genre, Boyz II Men achieved recognition for Best R&B Album in 1995. And in the most recent honor, Silk Sonic, the R&B duo integrated by Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak, who got the award for best R&B performance, also premiered at the Grammy Awards.

The accelerated advancements in the R&B scene are just the tip of the iceberg since more and more people in the world are involved in the creation, production, and exhibition of the contributions of music.

The role of music entertainment companies


Behind each musical production, there is a profound work by a whole team that aims to bring the best melodies to the public.

A crucial part of all this is record labels and music entertainment companies dedicated to supporting, motivating, and growing each artist.

The work of the record labels covers much more than the technical part; it is a personal work that goes from the confidence in the artists to the improvement of their talents to motivate them to give their maximum potential.

If there is one thing we can be sure of, behind every musical achievement and award, there is a record label company proud to have been part of that.

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